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H 11 ¾” x W 10 ¼” x D 9 ¼”



Andromeda was chained to a sea cliff and offered as a sacrifice to save her father’s kingdom from the sea monster terrorizing her father’s lands.  Perseus, returning home with the head of Medusa, observed Andromeda’s predicament from the air.  With the aid of gifts from Hermes and the head of the Gorgon, he turned the monster into stone.  Freeing Andromeda, he promptly fell in love with her. They were married in spite of Phineus, her betrothed.  Perseus turned Phineus and his army, raised to interrupt the wedding, into stone.


Andromeda is referred to as the “Chained Lady” in astronomy.  She and her parents, Cepheus and Cassiepeia, were also placed among the stars.

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