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National Art Education Association

  1. Media, Techniques, Processes

    • Sculpture - addition of clay, process, modeling, sculpting in the round, wedging, construction, slip, multiple day processes.

    • Surface treatments, multiple clay stages, hollowing of finished piece, firing. 

    • Expression through voice

    • Technical solving

  2. Elements, Principles, Functions

    • Unity through rhythm, variety through contrast

    • Texture, line, negative space

    • Figurative sculptures that express emotion and reflect increased understanding of human anatomy and composition

    • Class discussion of individual voice and personal style

    • Composition and execution

  3. Subject Matter, Symbol, Ideas

    • Expressive sculptures through gesture and figure proportion

    • Creativity through elaboration

    • Class discussion of individual creative process

    • Art criticism

  4.  Historical and Cultural examples

    •  Figurative sculptures through the ages from different cultures 

    • Pre-history, African, Pre-Colombian, Asian, European, and American sculpture

  5. Reflection

    • Descriptors and expressive writing

    • Compare and contrast sculpture in contemporary cultures

  6.  Curriculum Connections

    1. Math - Ratios and fractions

    2. World History and Art History

    3. Science - Human Anatomy

    4. Language Arts - Vocabulary, desciptive and expressive writing


I have had the pleasure of teaching simultaneously with sculptor Julie McCraney-Brogdon and observed her teaching expertise and artistic skill. Julie presents teachable information through the application of art elements and principles. She presents her knowledge of human anatomy without hampering the individual

Pamela L Steele - South Carolina  Art Education Association.

Her rapport with students is exceptional, setting the highest of standards, expecting the best of those under her tutelage. She is an encourager, treating each student with dignity, motivating them with the drive to reach their unrealized potential. Always professional, always prepared, no one challenges creativity, or creates multi-curricular challenges for the students to the extent Julie does.

Yarboro Winkle - Ashley Ridge High School.

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