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Artist Residency that Empowers 

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie McCraney-Brogdon as a teacher and a student.  In Dorchester District Two, she provided several residencies for middle and high school students and a studio course for art teachers.  As a sculptor, Julie is amazingly talented.  She is equally gifted as an instructor.  The enduring impact of these residencies makes this a wise investment.  

I learned so much working with Julie and watching her as she guided students.  Even more impactful was the opportunity to be a student in the course offered to teachers.

Before I had the opportunity to work with Julie, I did not have the knowledge, skills, or tools to teach students to produce accurate figures in clay.  Through her impressive skills as a sculptor and teacher, our curriculum now includes life-sized sculptures of hands in grade seven, and life-sized self-portraits in clay in grade eight.  These units are the most challenging and rewarding units of the entire school year.   

It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Julie McCraney-Brogdon for Artist Residencies for students and professional development for teachers. The experiences will empower both teachers and students to expand their observational skills and improve studio techniques.  

Meg Skow, Rollings Middle School of the Arts


I have had the pleasure of teaching simultaneously with sculptor Julie McCraney-Brogdon and observed her teaching expertise and artistic skill. Julie presents teachable information through the application of art elements and principles. She presents her knowledge of human anatomy without hampering the individual.

Pamela L Steele - South Carolina  Art Education Association.

Her rapport with students is exceptional, setting the highest of standards, expecting the best of those under her tutelage. She is an encourager, treating each student with dignity, motivating them with the drive to reach their unrealized potential. Always professional, always prepared, no one challenges creativity, or creates multi-curricular challenges for the students to the extent Julie does.

Yarboro Winkle, Retired Ashley Ridge High School.

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